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Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas to everyone. This time of year is so busy I will not be posting again until January. Happy Holidays.

Club Ball Finally Over

Wild weeks seem to be our specialty at the club.  This week we capped off the action with our annual club ball.  I have included a few photos for everyone to enjoy.  If you look closely we had some great ideas for re-purposing and creative usages.  I guess I had better get the ideas rolling for next year. Forward items raised on Nova's Bread and the back were upside down round inserts.  Overhead are foraged willow branches from the thanksgiving centerpieces and Clip lamps all sprayed in heat resistant bronze paint. Tatiana and I at the upstairs seafood display. Salsa ingredients raise the salsa on the buffet.  Also used bundles cinnamon sticks for card holders. Ahh what a great idea this was.  Glad to see what a great collaboration project this became. Beer tasting station.  Do I know that outfit? Shrimp station.  Grateful to have an employee with a eucalyptus tree. Main entrance Quesadilla Station Overhead view of my room. Main bar with the best linen choices.