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Guest Craft Day

My good friend Chelsie came over last weekend and we tackled this little beauty that she picked up off the side of the street. Once removing the cushion we were great full to realize that all of the padding was in great condition and left the easy work of remove and re staple the new fabric. However, the cushion posed a bit more of a challenge. We made a pattern from the existing cushion fabric and pieced together a new cover. My sewing abilities are not of expert quality but I think we both agree it looks better than before.

Hen and chicks

Hen and Chicks - Colored Pencil on wood. So this will go in reverse.  From finished to start.   This project was one of the most time consuming peices I have ever competed.  This project took almost 30 hours.  It is the third of the four Blackhawk Hardware series.   My pallet was as follows: Kelly Green Sap Green Sage green Grey Green Light Mulberry Deco Yellow Jasmine Indigo Black Yellow Ochre Deco Pink Dark Umber Artichoke

Planning the Next Big Party!!

I have amazing news. I guess we will be hosting a wedding this summer. The only details so far are it's in Indiana and its going to be great. Guess I have a lot of planning to do.