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Our invitation sets

So T-Minus a few days for our wedding, so I thought that I would share our wedding stationary set.  I really love the creative touches and individual style that we showed.  We also went out on a limb and asked for antiques and vintage items and have been so fortunate to have some of the most beautiful gifts.  Can't wait to share the photos from the big day.   Big shout out to Maddie for the help on the main invites.

Mission Statement

I wrote this the week I started this and I find it to be so thought provoking I'd like to share it.  To make the things I need, with conscience creativity and uniqueness. To never believe "I can't," but to understand that true craftsmanship takes time, dedication and constant education. 

Dig the Aussie Style

My favorite food websites seem to be     and    Real Living Both of these websites are Australia based, but they have great bearing on what modern flavors and cuisines are.  All of the recipes are in US Standard measure with a few exceptions.  There is only one consideration to look at when viewing the magazines from down under is that their seasons are total opposite. My favorite thing about the Aussie style is the fresh flavors and the constant use of international flavors.  It definitely is the birthplace of East meets West flavors.