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Small Batch Pickling - Dill

There are few things in the summer time that I become impassioned by like I do with our kitchen garden.  I find there to be such pleasure in the growing of food to put on our table. One of the challenges with having such a small garden is that items seems to ripen in waves.  With that we are confronted with the challenge of finding quick efficient ways to preserve the freshness without waiting for the next harvest.  Keeping in traditional styles, I put up all of my cucumbers into refrigerator pickles.  I use a traditional recipe from "Stocking Up, How to Preserve the Food You Grow Naturally" Copyright 1975.  I have downsized and tweaked this recipe for a small batch. Dill Pickles 4-5 # Cucumbers, sliced or wedged 1 Gal Water 3/4 c. Salt Scrub cucumbers well before cutting. Place e sliced cucumbers in Brine overnight. Drain. 1 c. Vinegar 2 Tbsp

Wedding gift

Not only did we have a huge day to celebrate but our good friends also got married.  Check out their engagement party here .  So I really wanted something that was touching, unique and custom.   I began by drawing out my design and coming up with a great positive negative space.  Then I utilized the following materials.  #2 Exacto Knife Martha Stewart double sided 2tone paper Cutting Mat So I began by taping my copy of my design to the paper. Then I cut them out and reserved my cutout so that they may be added to the project later.  I then pasted the dugouts back in reverse to the project and chose a background color.  After all cut outs were glued I framed and matted in a 12 x12 frame with a white mat. Final matted picture to follow. 

Wedding Crafts

Well here is the abridged crafters wedding guide v1.0.  There will be more detailed posts to follow.  Thank you so much for my parents for allowing us to use their home for our event.  Also thank you so much to all of our friends and family that pitched in and made it spectacular.  This one really took a village to pull off and we wouldn't be anything without you. Hand Stenciled signs by my sister El. Wallpaper scrap bunting. Head table.  Look at those salvaged linens.  Thank heaven for the trash. Eucalyptus from Steve, Silver Bay from the property and Succulents from my garden.  Nancy and Gram did a great job making the tables look so nice. My $55 dollar EBAY dress. Thank you for the milkglass loan Julie. Maddie's perfectly designed buffet cards. The two perfect poplars behind us were freshly cut and zip tied to rebar. Thats my man!!! Heather did an amazing job on the flowers.  Look at those amazing boutineers. Bundt done gre