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Giraffe Stuffed Animal


Bean Bag Ottoman

I started by buying this fabulous fabric at Walmart for $2.50 a yard. I think it was mislabeled, but who am I to walk away from a great deal. I bough two yards and cut it into the following cuts: 4 ea. 24"x 17" pieces 2 ea. 24"x24" pieces I then sewed the 17" pieces to one of the square pieces. (Remember to put the wrong side of the fabric outward and with the face side together.) Making what essentially looks like a giant plus sign. The panels were then brought together to form a cube with no bottom. I then began attaching the final panel on only 3 sides.  Flip this lovely object right side out, and get ready for the hard part. Add your beans. ( Also available at Walmart.) this part I messy. You could put them in a liner if you like but this is a 2 hr project not perfection in the least.  I then pinned this bad boy together and sent it through the machine.  Good luck.