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Snow DAY!

So when crazy cool weather and precipitation heads our way, we take a day off.  With my time off I felt a compulsion to cook, alot! Here is a rundown of today's cooking line up. 8:30 AM Braised Country Style Beef Ribs with Thumbelina Carrots, Pearl Onions and Paprika Glaze Total Cook Time:  6 hours 10:45 AM Potato and Turkey Ham Soup with Creme Fraiche Total Cook Time: 2 hrs 45 min 2:30 PM Sourdough Bread Pudding with Vanilla Honey Drizzle (sweet tooth getting ready for supper time) 3:00 PM  Beef Bolognese Cook Time: 8 Hrs Love the fact that on a day like today there is really no distractions to allow you to burn or overlook anything.  Its all cooking with instinct and really challenging yourself with the items in the pantry and freezer.  I also really enjoy the opportunities in the day to eat all of the things that take so long to transform into something so delish. If there is a snow day tomorrow (already praying for

Succulent Troubles

I have started the new year with two exciting new succulent developments.  The first is the formation of these crazy mushrooms in my succulent bed, and the second is the arrival of the mealy bugs.  So after quite a bit of research i had to pull all of the plats out of the planter, wash all the way to the roots, and re pot the entire lineup. So this is where we started, a mashup of assorted clippings left over from the wedding.  I temporarily planted them in a wine crate until a more acceptable home was found and this is where they ended up.  Not replanted and very sick.   So once I hosed them completely off, I allowed them to dry in the sun. Picking out corks for the drainage layer of the new planters. A fully lined planter. My new garden. To think these young pups started out as flower clippings in a strangers wedding.  Who would guess a scavenged friend could be so gratifying.  Hopefully they love their new homes.