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Blue Jean Queen Quilt

My First Jean Quilt, Large Pantleg Sized Strips So once again it is spring and I awake from the thaw of winter only to realize that I have once again amassed an enormous pile of unfinished projects.  I am determined to post them all in hopes that you all will re-inspire me to complete all of these and enjoy the high involved in completing something. Blue Jean Quilt 101 I am not looking for masterpieces when I approach the blue jean quilts.  I'm looking for a good time picnic blanket that folds up and is ready for the next adventure.  So with that, please loosen up, put away the iron and sew. Step 1: Collect a ton of jeans.  I solicit at work, and what can't be found I go to Good will on a sale day and buy a few extra pairs. Step 2: I have a huge yard stick that I use as my guide to cut all of those lovely jeans into a huge pile of strips.  Cut them into what ever length makes the most sense.  Keep in mind that if you cut across the pant leg, paralle