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Study of an Indian

When I was a young girl, I had a postcard of a native american man.  This postcard looking back was crazy racist but delightful to my young mind all the same.  I took this postcard as inspiration for my latest project.  I think i'm in love with the way this is turning out.

The Terminal Clock

There are many places that make me proud of where I am from, one of them being the Union Terminal in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The art deco styling of the building define me in my style and taste.  It was my place to run away to in high school and the place I bring people when I go home to visit.  What can i say i just love it.  With that being said, it is also a goal of mine to do a wonderful pencil piece of it for our home.  I have done a similar clock for my parents home but I wanted this to be all mine.  Photo taken on our wedding weekend, surrounded by our Swiss friends. I also have taken  alot of photos of this in process so that you can see its development. I'll keep you updated as I get closer to its finish.

Spring Lettuce

First of spring farmers market find.

Baby Shower

It has been an eternity since the last post.  I have been consumed with the new menu and getting the baby shower together.  Here are some photos from our little get together this weekend. Best Baby Shower I've Ever Been To!!