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Colored pencil clock


Teen Room Quilt Stencil

I had to make 40 quilt blocks for an upcoming craft camp so I came up with this set of stencils to do all the work for me.  The hardest part of making a quilt is identifying the individual blocks that make up the whole blocks or quilts. For this project I chose a barn quilt out of Pennsylvania. Step one draw pattern the old fashioned way with a ruler. Then identy each axis with a different color. Diaganal x and y and traditional vertical and horizontal. Then choose one color and trace onto acetate cut the same size as canvas. I used a sharpie for this process so that the width was consistent regardless of color.  Then repeat with a new sheet of acetate and a diagram ol color. Rotate the pattern 90 degrees to ensure tht once turned the second color is covered by traced lines.  Example: in the phot above I traced over all of the yellow lines. When the tracing is turned 90 degrees it covers all of the green lines.  Step 2 Cut out sharpie lines from ace